Professional Services


Want to be a new Diver?

Gain the experience of a lifetime, for a lifetime, by obtaining your SCUBA certification. I am Jay Perreault, a private TDI/SDI/PADI Scuba Instructor teaching primarily in the South East, FL area. My efficient method of scuba instruction can be customized for a one-on-one experience or for teaching small groups. Because each session is private, the pace of the course is up to each student.

Whether you’re a group of family members, friends, or someone who’s always wanted to learn to dive, I can guarantee a thorough yet secure certification process, resulting in your becoming a licensed and responsible diver. Besides fundamental scuba instruction, I specialize in helping nervous divers overcome their anxieties.

Scuba diving is one of the most extraordinary experiences out there, and it can be yours to enjoy for the rest of your life, so get certified today!

Please contact us to learn more about pricing and costs for lessons.


Already a Certified Diver?

Do you love to scuba dive, but can never seem to figure out how to actually go scuba diving? If you’re anything like I was before I became a professional, you know you love diving on vacations and know it’s incredibly relaxing and fun–but the prospect of renting gear, booking the boat, and finding a buddy is daunting enough to make you hold off until the next vacation.

This is why I’ve created a “dive concierge” service–to cater to the sort of diver I was. Want to go scuba diving on your day off? Simply contact me, provide your dive certification information, and I will take care of everything else. Each dive is specifically catered to each diver’s training level, location preference, age, comfort level, and availability.

A typical concierge package includes gear and tank rental, logistics coordination (dive boat bookings and dive site research), on-site tour guide, photographs, and videos of your dive adventure.

Please contact us for pricing and costs which vary per location.

Immerse yourself today!